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Hi! My name is Kemi Owonibi. I am an inspirational romance fiction writer; I write self-help books, I also love to explore Biblical characters, timelines, and events, and I am the author behind @realbiblepeople. My books are fast-paced and intriguing, well, that’s what my readers say. I hope you’d feel the same way.

About Kemi OWONIBI

Kemi OWONIBI is a doctor by day, but a writer, blogger, content creator, and author by night, with over twenty years’ experience in writing.

She is the creator and former editor of JEANS magazine, and the founder of “This Book Club” writing channel.

She is the author of “Being Mrs Stevens” – a contemporary romance/medical fiction, and she has published several nonfiction as well, including Bathsheba, and “How To Get Better At Writing” – a self-help book for writers and authors.

She is the author behind “Real Bible People”, and the convener of “Writers & Authors” – a support group for writers.

Her other projects are “The PHC Tribe” – which focuses on health at the primary level, and “ADHD and Friends” which focuses on kids and teens with ADHD and other developmental and learning disorders.

She lives with her family in Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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Being Mrs Stevens

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Get Better At Writing

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After Lights Out

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