New Book Release: Being Mrs Stevens

My new book BEING MRS STEVENS is now available for download.

About The Book

Contemporary romance / Medical fiction / Faith-based / Medical thriller

Nikita Edoho’s only goal was to graduate from the university.
But when she was paired with Sammie Stevens for their final year projects, she found herself introduced to the world of The Stevens.
With it came joy and pain.
And an obsession to keep a legacy alive.

Naomi Stevens battled with depression and PTSD.
She had lived with the trauma of raising a sick son
who spent all his life in the shadows of death.
But she was about to make a shocking discovery
that would shatter her entire life.
She must have faith, as she faced what was left of her
miserable life.

Jesse Stevens had it all together
until a random stranger crawled into his private suites.
He must abandon his own
ambition and fight for her to achieve hers.

Being Mrs Stevens is a contemporary romance and medical fiction,
a delicate weave of love, strength, passion, healing, faith, and redemption.
A great story line, unpredictable, and intriguing till the end.

Your Opinion is Valuable

Your opinions and reviews are valuable. Kindly leave a comment in the comments section below.


~ KEMI OWONIBI (The Author).

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