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New Book Release: After Lights Out ~The Novel

My latest novel, “After Lights Out” is now available for download. Contemporary Romance Fiction. My gift to you.


When Anita Ossai settled for office romance, she didn’t expect to
fall in love with a third party. She was soon caught in between two
best friends and her pastoral ministry couldn’t be more at stake.

Tolulope Harry was a single father, a missionary, and a successful
entrepreneur who turned his pain into success. After a failed
attempt at finding love again, he made a decision that pitched him
against the values he believed in.

Sophia Hamid fell from grace to grass, losing everything in the
process – her marriage, her child she never met, her career, and
her sanity. When she became suicidal, she found a glimmer of hope.

“After Lights Out”
tells a story of genuine love, insatiable lust and
untamed passion, friendships and betrayals, forgiveness, and hope.

It is a contemporary romance fiction, and the first of the
“Believers’ Assembly” trilogy.


Your opinions and reviews are valuable.

Kindly leave a comment in the comments section below.


~ KEMI OWONIBI (The Author).

28 thoughts on “New Book Release: After Lights Out ~The Novel”

  1. feel like liking this book a million times and again.

    I started reading this book yesterday morning and I just couldn’t take my eyes off it. I stayed up late into the night reading this book. Well, nature called and I slept off yet, in my sleep, I couldn’t wait to wake up just so I can finish reading this awesome book and yes, I finished reading it few hours ago.

    Kemi Owonibi did an amazing work putting this book together. I love how everything played out. This book talked love, betrayal, sin, grace and more importantly, restoration.

    I give the writer a 100% for a job well-done.


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    1. Thanks you a million times for this wonderful review. For encouraging me to do better. And thank you for your hard work and support. You’re such a blessing. God bless you abundantly.


    I had plans to read a book this morning, in fact I had chosen the book to read, and then I came across “after lights out “… thank you for the gift of this book.
    Thank you for the reminders, so well written with beautiful messages passed across.
    I’m grateful for your gift. Thank you for choosing to bless us with it.

    It’s become one of my favorite books now.

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    1. Wow!

      Thank you too, for choosing this book, and for this thoughtful review. And especially for making it one of your favourites.

      I could see there were lots and lots of messages in the book, and honestly, I was blessed by it as well.


  3. Hmmmmm this book is so so interesting… So captivating full of timely lesson’s

    I feel like reading it over and over again it. It emphasized the need to trust God even when we don’t understand what the big picture is all about.

    Anita’s life revealed how God could use us in diverse ways just to bring His plans and purposes for our life to pass.

    Thanks for writing this wonderful piece ma, may the Lord continual increase you ma…

    You have continually being a huge source of inspiration to me as a person

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    1. Thank you so much for your review. And Amen to the prayers.

      God does care about all His children, and when He gives you an assignment, you can be sure He is always there to support you through it, no matter how impossible it feels.

      Thank you again!


    1. Thank you for your review. I believe the point of Christianity is to be able to approach God without all the man made bottlenecks imposed by whoever. Thank you again, so much.


  4. Just finished reading the book… It’s super- amazing!!! 🤩 It’s a beautiful, well thought out, scripture based christian romance novel. You can download it for free: . it will be worth your time and data.😅
    I think from Being Mrs Steven and after lights out, I will have to add Kemi Owonibi to the list of my favorite authors 👌😃

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    1. Thank you so much, Ruth, for this heartwarming review. I do hope to continue to provide worthwhile content 📚 Remain blessed.


  5. I’ve been searching all over for where I can leave a review on “After Lights out”🥰🥰

    I read it in one day, it was that mesmerizing! I was glued to it till the very end.

    As a waiting single (although still far younger than Anita), I could relate to some of her feelings in the book.

    I love how totally relatable the characters are, I hated how much time was wasted just because Mr Harry couldn’t man up, I was upset that Anita decided to settle (though could understand her fears) but most importantly, I’m grateful things ended well.

    I think some details were quite too graphic though but I suppose you wanted your readers to see how far things can go when boundaries are not put in place.

    Overall, this is a totally awesome book and I’m glad I read it. 💖💖💖

    *Can’t wait to read the sequels 🤩🤩


    1. Thank you for this refreshing review.

      Amen to the mesmerising part 😂. Lots of people have used different terminologies, from mesmerising to silly giggles, sheepish smile, grin ear to ear, lol.

      Thank you.

      Re: waiting single, I pray that the Lord will reward your waiting and bless you with His best for you. Amen.

      Yeah, I’m also a bit upset that Anita settled. But the reality is that many people settle for a relationship that they know is not the best because that’s the only thing they have. There’s always that temptation of holding onto it, and they keep making compromises just to keep that relationship, which was exactly what Anita did.

      Re: the graphics. I intentionally pushed the boundaries, but I suppose it’s still within acceptable limits for a romance fiction 🥰😉

      Thank you again for this review. I so love it.


  6. After Lights Out is an amazing book. We need more Christian fiction books with Scriptural depth out there. I am rating it 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. Mrs Kemi Owonibi, well done 👍 Ma.
    The characters were relatable and the plot very interesting. Couldn’t put the book down.
    Keep ’em coming!


    1. Thank you for this review. It is like an early Christmas gift. I totally appreciate it. And I also love the fact that Christian fictions can also be full of energy and be quite relatable.
      Please check out my other novel, “Being Mrs Stevens”. I’m sure you will love it.
      Thank you again and God bless. Merry Christmas.


  7. As always, a very good read. I love the way you point out all challenges in areas of life despite being a Christian.
    I love emphasis of God’s presence in every messy situation and they all turned to good.
    Things they made us believe can’t be found in Christian settings building ambiguity in relationship with Jesus was simplified.
    In all of our fallings, His arm is readily available to help.
    Gift of medicine not contradicting Christian beliefs and so much more.

    There are lots of twist and turns which I love and the epilogue ‘calm’ my curiosity. 😁

    I love Anita most anyway. Her life challenges mend relationships, gives second chance but she was settled too. God is no User and owes no man really!

    Imaginations was beautifully and effortlessly created also. Welldone Kemi, more inspirations🤩


    1. Yeah, I’m glad I finally added the epilogue. It was really calming for a lot of people. Angry emotions everywhere, lol, because people wanted to know how it ended.

      The book really blessed me too, like you said, God is not a user. He owes nobody.

      And yes, Christian relationships can be quite messy. But at the end of the day, God’s presence can fix the mess and heal the brokenness if we allow Him.

      Thank you again, my chommie. God bless.


  8. I spent the most part of my Christmas day reading (concluding) After Lights Out. Waoh! I’m speechless, I had a good read and some ‘God moments’. Thank you ma’am for this precious gift…and it’s free.

    I appreciate the time, effort and resources that must have gone into this project and most especially the fact that we get to download it for free. Thank you ma. May Heavens reward this labour of love.

    I love the friendships and the emphasis on Sophia still being on her meds after she ‘found Jesus’. I understand the Pastor Nathan’s situation i.e. the death of his wife, serving and loving God does not mean we would not have and face challenges, thank you for the subtle reminder.

    Also, the Bishop and Lady also had a sick child yet they loved the Lord.

    All through the story, I could feel the power of redemption, restoration and hope. It played out in Sophia’s life and marriage, despite the abortion and ill health she found hope again.

    I loveeeeeee Anita. Thank you for showing us her flaws.

    Thank you for portraying the Church (the good people, the judgmental people, the kind people (Q) and the praying people).

    Thank you for the Christmas settings, I think we experienced 3 ‘Christmas’.

    Most importantly, thank you for reminding us to forgive regardless and notwithstanding.

    Merry Christmas 🤗🥰


  9. I absolutely love the book… And I wasn’t even done with it when I introduced it to my sister… I love the lessons that were without judgement…. I saw how Anita the pastor was painted human…. At a point I paused the reading and I was silently condemning her and saying aha and she is a pastor. And then I said well she is only human… I guess what I am trying to say is I learnt a lot from this book most especially learnt to trust the process… Learnt not to judge easily and also not assume someone is fine just because they look put together… I will be back when I read being Mrs Steven


    1. Thank you so much. I absolutely love and appreciate your post.

      Sometimes, I also question Anita’s choices. But I realised that it’s a normal human desire to want to be loved. This Pastor had prayed for a man for over ten years and she was now close to 40.

      We will be judging her if she’s still playing hard to get, or dishing out Pastoral status, when she finally saw green lights.

      She settled, she knew. She fell, she knew. But thank God she found redemption.

      I’ll love to read from your sister too. And I will be expecting your review after reading Being Mrs Stevens xx


  10. Thank you so much for this book Ma. It comforted me so much. From Anita’s dealings, I understand that I need to trust the process God is taking me through. It doesn’t have to look right or work the way I want. All I need is to trust the process and believe God loves me enough to take me to my place of rest. I might stumble and fall along the line but He will never ever leave me alone.
    Thank you so much for this great work. I look forward to reading more from you ma’am.


  11. Wow what a read! It was really engaging,in fact I almost stayed up all night to get to the end. After lights out is today’s reality.
    It made me appreciate God’s restoration power more and more.
    Thank you for taking out time to prepare and dish out this sumptuous meal to your readers. God bless you real good.


  12. After Lights Out is one of the few books I read in less than 10 hours! I was hooked on it! Funny how I did not know it was the first part of the Believers Assembly trilogy but read book 2 first.

    Very relatable and correctional. I recall reading the chapters where Anita and Tolu went all out to explore their bodies and thinking “well, this is a missionary and pastor making out though unmarried. I can do the same na. I just have to ensure the foreplay does not lead to the main deal and blah blah blah”.

    Then I go on to read other chapters where Anita and Tolu realize their wrong and run back to God for forgiveness. I heard the Holy Spirit ask me “Is this what you want to do? Play with fire and come asking for forgiveness? What if you’re not as lucky as these guys? What about the time you waste misbehaving and looking for mercy? Shall you continue in sin that grace may abound?”

    Omo, God forbid o. I think it was on Uncle Allison Hyacinth’s Facebook post I read about the difference between a chaste single getting married to God’s will and one who has gone different routes before coming back to God’s will.
    I’ll paraphrase what he said. Anyone can get right with God and have a good marriage with the right person after many years of immorality. But such a person will not have access to doors which years of chaste living will open to the one who abstained.

    I concluded that chastity is what I want and will stick with. If God is holy, I will be holy too.

    Thank you again ma for yielding to the prompting of the Spirit. I did not want this book to end I must say. But I’m comforted knowing that it ended on a positive note and there will be a book 3.

    God bless you Mrs. Kemi Owonibi🙌🔥


  13. After lights out………. What an interesting read, although it kind of played with my mind, Oh God please keep helping me……

    I like the fact that it’s totally God immersed, the love therein feels so palpable, truth is that I wish it didn’t end😂…..

    Your books are usually so captivating, I remember reading Mrs Steven, was producing tears like I was in some tears factory, I still couldn’t bring myself to drop the book until I finished reading, same thing happened here, was up all night for the number of days I read it….. Wow, just wow…..

    I liked the Bible passage you started with I think the prologue, the book of James, how we shouldn’t think or say that it’s God that makes one fall into temptation, it increased my hunger to read and as always, I got satiated……

    Thank you ma’am, God continue to bless you as you always put the pen to paper and keep giving us something nice every time…..



    1. This is a delightful surprise. I am.grateful for the opportunity to share the idea that God has dropped in my heart, and I am grateful that one year later, it is still blessing people. Thank you again for sharing.


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