Book Release

Book Release: The Long Walk to Calvary

The Long Walk to Calvary: A Day-by-day Account of Jesus’ Final Week on Earth.

As we meditate on the Crucifixion and Resurrection of out Lord Jesus Christ this season, I am pleased to announce that my new book, the long awaited book, “THE LONG WALK TO CALVARY” is now available for free download.


The powerful story of the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus
holds great significance to the Christian faith.

For in the heart Christianity lays these incredible happenings –
the central historical events in the Christian faith:

Without Crucifixion, there is no Redemption.

Without Resurrection, there is no Christianity.

The Long Walk to Calvary tells the intricate details of the weeklong
adventures that culminated in the crucifixion and resurrection of the Lord.
It synthesises all the four canonical Gospels, detailing the day-by-day and
hour-by-hour accounts of the Passion Week.

The Long Walk to Calvary is an in-depth Bible Study that draws insights
from the accounts of the Gospels and from the prophetic utterances of
the men and women of old.

It is suitable for personal and group study,
and a recommended resource for Biblical Training.


Your opinions and reviews are valuable.

Kindly leave a comment in the comments section below.


~ KEMI OWONIBI (The Author).

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