New Book

Creative Content Writing: A Tool for Effective Evangelism (eBook)

Download my notes on Effective Evangelism and Creative Content Writing.

Hi. I am excited to share this eBook on Effective Evangelism and Creative Content Writing with you. Click on the link for your free download. You are more than welcome to share it, and to use the content for the furtherance of the gospel.


Recently I was asked to give a talk on Creative Content Writing as a Tool for Effective Evangelism, and I decided to convert my notes into an eBook to share with the audience – as a form of resource or perhaps, reference.

When we talk about evangelism, the terrain has changed, no doubts, and in this generation, we need to look inward and draw out creative means of sharing our gospel in a manner that is appropriate and acceptable to our audience without compromising on quality.

In that ebook, I focus on the concept of effective versus ineffective evangelism. I highlight the three types of evangelism – which are the Pulpit, Passive, and (aggressively) Planned Evangelism. I touch briefly on the hinderances we encounter while sharing out faith. And I also mentioned some skills and tools that may be helpful during evangelism – for example, persuasion.

And i emphasised what I call The Rule of 7!

While I do not delve much into creative content writing as an art per se, I emphasise on the need to understand the synergistic impact of both traditional and digital contents. I shared lots of practical guides in this regard.

There is the need to develop a comprehensive content, be able to repackage it for different platforms, do it repeatedly, consistently, and with focus.

All scriptures are from The Holy Bible. The Berean Bible (www.Berean.Bible) Berean Study Bible (BSB)

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