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New Book Release: Beyond The Winding Path ~ the novel

I am so excited to announce to you that my latest novel BEYOND THE WINDING PATH is now available for free download.

It is a gift from me to you, to mark my birthday celebrations on this day, 2nd July 2021.

Contemporary Romance Fiction | Medical | Faith-based.

About The Book

When Bishop Jeffery Okorie prophesied a shift in the spirit casually over dinner, his household expected a season of revival, open heavens, and prosperity over their megachurch.

It turned out to be everything but!

There was shaking indeed, but it was nothing like they ever anticipated because it started right from Bishop’s household and none of them were spared.

Jude Okorie was the charming young pastor with a secret past that he desperately tried to hide. Krystal Ejiofor was the ambitious church girl and perfect fiancée with deep-seated issues. And Tara Akinolu-Ajai was the trodden down woman who had nothing to lose.

There were blasts from the past rattling them, the lies they had securely tucked away coming back to haunt them, and medical emergencies grounding them all!

And before long, the house of cards came crashing! Their ministry was burning right from the top, and it was not a happy fire, but one that was necessary!

Beyond the Winding Path is a story of lies, secrets, and betrayals, passion and intrigue, love and lust, friendship and support, and growth and redemption.

It is faith-based contemporary romance fiction and the second of the Believers Assembly Trilogy.

Opinion & Review

Your opinions and reviews are valuable.

Kindly leave a comment in the comments section below.


~ Kemi Owonibi (The Author).

14 thoughts on “New Book Release: Beyond The Winding Path ~ the novel”

    1. Thanks Mamma. Please read it and let us know what you think. Thank you so much for reaching out ❤❤


  1. I enjoyed every bit of this book, couldn’t drop it.I felt so blessed but I want to ask just a question,do Christians(tolulope Harry and crew)really behave like this in reality?Cos the only type I come in contact are those that are judgemental.

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    1. Thank you for your review and I am absolutely grateful.

      A lot of things have chabges in Christianity and we have lots of half baked Believers today, but growing up, I had the privilege of meeting and interacting with a lot of Believers who knew what Christianity was about and who would go out of their ways to uplift people.

      Those were the ideals I grew up with, and those are the ideals I unapologetically uphold. And I am just grateful to be able to share those ideals with others.

      The good Samaritan didn’t just save the wounded man, he provided for his medical bills and he was physically there to monitor him. That’s Christianity.

      Thank you again


  2. I read the book “beyond the winding path” and it blessed me so much. I honestly couldn’t drop it but then I made a decision to read it slowly so I could savour it.

    I like that Jude had to face his past before he could press on into the future.
    The lessons on forgiveness was the highlight for me, I loved that Lady Vee could bring herself to forgive her son and the family could be one again.

    I also loved that you brought Harrys’ into the book; the role that Tolulope played in restoring Jude was fantastic, every minister needs a Tolu in his corner encouraging him when all is down.

    I totally enjoyed the book and look forward to “safe in His arms”!

    God bless you ma! May the anionting over you never diminish and may your ink never run dry!

    Thanks again for writing this book. God bless you ma!

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    1. Thank you so much for your review. I also appreciate your prayers.

      I am glad that Jude could find redemption and just accept the work of grace. Many times we forget that the saving Grace of salvation is the same sustaining Grace of sanctification and we try to work it out on our own, It doesn’t work like that!

      The Harrys are such gems! I am glad that we have people with the ministry of intercession who stand in the gap and will not allow the devil to win!

      And I live the growth and the healing within the Bishop’s household, particularly Lady Vee and Jude.

      Thank you for your amazing feedback. God bless you too.

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  3. As with Kemi’s other Christian fiction books; I couldn’t stop reading till I finished reading.
    Beyond the Winding Path is indeed impactful revealing God’s love through the winding paths of our different lives. This book made me rededicate my life to Christ.
    Blending the power couple ‘Tolu and Anita Harry’ into the story was splendid.
    Thank you Kemi for impacting lives through your writings.
    Remain anointed In Christ.

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    1. This is really a touching review.

      I do agree that it is an impactful story. I learnt so much from it myself.

      It goes the whole 360-degrees of doctrine, reproof, correction, instruction in righteousness, conviction, and biblical equipping. And I love the angles explored in that story.

      Thank you again for sharing your experience. It means so much to me.

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  4. Wow!!! You effortlessly create imagination with your diction and everything so on point. I thought you will be predictable by now having read most of your books but you always have these twists that makes one stayed glued…
    I love the way you expose ‘secrets’ even in the lives of Christians. The cave we have built around ourselves and perception of unbelievers. The place of grace too, ever patient waiting Father.
    Thank you for writing this and making it accessible to all free of charge♥️

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  5. God bless you Dr Kemi.
    This book is really amazing. I knew it was a must read book but when I saw the book’s total page number, I had two thoughts; when am I ever going to finish this book? and where did Dr Kemi get the time to write this book?

    Well, by the grace of God I began and I kept reading until I reached the last full stop.
    This book is a wonder. It taught me that; my salvation is as a result of God’s grace and not my works, no one is beyond redemption, God truly forgives and He keeps no record of wrong, and that I am accountable first to God and then to Those He has placed in my life.

    Thank you for letting God use you to bless lives. I look forward to learning a lot from you ma’am.

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  6. I have read After Light Out, Beyond the Winding and half way through Being Mrs Stevens. One thing that resonates with me is the fact that God never give up on us. I particularly love the character of Jude Okorie and his journey.

    God is forgiving, He loves us tremendously.
    This is very evident in the stories I have read.

    Thank you for being a great blessing to me ma’am, I love love what you are doing and I look forward to reading “Safe In His Arms” and “Choices and Chances”.

    God bless you ma’am.

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  7. I couldn’t sleep while reading, if I had other assignments I kept thinking about when I could get back to the book… I wanted it to end and at the same time I didn’t. Overall it was impactful and made me believe very much that anyone can be used by God no matter past mistakes. It also led me to rededicating my life back to God.
    Thank you so much for blessing me with it.

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  8. This is really so inspiring, I was so glued to the book for straight 2 days, I stopped in between to pray likewise. The book really touched me and showed how much God has a plan for the end just that we don’t know it


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