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New Book: Parenting The Crazy Ride by Kemi Owonibi

My Latest Book, Parenting: The Crazy Ride is now available.

It is available for free download is for limited time only!

About The Book

Many words have been used to describe parenting.

Parenting is a cocktail of love, joy, excitement, frustration, anger, elation,
exhaustion, chaos, pain, humiliation, heartache, angst, anxiety, and lots
more. And no, you don’t get to pick and choose!

Your children grow every day; the days are long, and the years pass by
rapidly. They are born one day, and after a few blinks, they are off to
college! One day, they are toddlers throwing tantrums, and the next, you are dealing with a teenager still throwing tantrums! You are also on a constant move, trying to strike a balance
between managing your life and parenting your children.

That is where “Parenting: The Crazy Ride!” comes in! It is a book on
parenting, one that accompanies you through every point of your parenting
journey – from cradle to adulthood – acting as a guide, an
encouragement, a motivation, and a quick reference.

From one parent to another, I hope the content of this book will
provide answers that you have always hoped for.
I wish you the very best in your journey as a
parent, and blessings over your children!

Opinion & Review

Your opinions and reviews are valuable.

Kindly leave a comment in the comments section below.


~ Kemi Owonibi (The Author).

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