Knowing Jesus: A Devotional for Kids by Kemi Owonibi

Hi and Welcome to “Knowing Jesus: A 7-Day Devotional for Kids”. I am so excited to share this free devotional with you.

We know that Jesus wants us to be His friends. That is why He gives us the Bible so that we can know Him and be close to Him. In this devotional, we will know a little more about Jesus by looking at the seven special names that Jesus calls Himself.

In the Book of John, Jesus reveals Himself to us through the I AM verses. He says:

  • I am The Bread of Life
  • I am the Light of the World.
  • I am The Gate
  • I am The Good Shepherd
  • I am The resurrection and the Life
  • I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life, and
  • I am the Vine!

In this devotional, we shall be examining what Jesus means when He says I AM! It’s going to be fun and a great experience studying God’s Word together. It is suitable for personal and family use, as well as in churches, Sunday school, and children classes.

Click the link above to get your fee copy!

KEMi ~ the author.

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