Book Release

New Book Release: How To Publish Your Book

Hi! I am super excited to announce that my new book, “How To Publish Your Book: An Author’s Manual” is now available.

Every writer should write with publishing in mind. So, if you have not published your book, what is stopping you? There are several ways of publishing a book – whether as a paperback and hardcover, ebook or audiobook. Let me show you how!

Click on the image below to get your copy of the book right away!

About The Book

This book is an author’s manual by design. It is practical and easy to use. It has eight chapters, each with specific lists of objectives covering many topics, starting from where you are until your book reaches the target consumers.

In this book…

  • I will be sharing with you how to transform your manuscript into a published book.
  • You will learn what to do with your current draft/manuscript and how to clean it up and upgrade it until it is fit for publishing.
  • You will know about traditional publishing, self-publishing, hybrid and vanity publishers, and the self-publishing companies, including the roles they play in getting your books out there.
  • You will know more about paperback, ebooks, and audiobooks, how to create them step-by-step, and how to publish them.
  • You will also learn about book cover and binding, book interior, and trim sizes, editing, formatting, illustrations, ISBN, ebook formats, and lots more
  • You will learn how to present and promote your books.
  • There are also several tips, recommendations, cheatsheets, and checklists for your reference.

Indeed, you are in for a treat! It’s a gift that continues to give! So, let’s publish your book!

Opinion And Feedback

Your opinion and reviews are valuable. If this book benefits you in any way, kindly write a review, and recommend it to someone you know.

I will also love to read from you. Please leave your thoughts and reviews in the comments section below. Or send all enquiries, reviews, testimonials, and other conversations to me at:

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